:: Queen Of The Damned Wallpapers Members ::

This page is dedicated to the people who have emailed me, or have in some way given me permission to use their wallpapers here on this site. I thank them all very much and hope that they will keep on submitting wallpapers to me. 

Right now I am waiting to receive some info on some of the members, but until then I will add as much info as I can.

If you are a member and would like a mini banner for your site please leave me a message on the message board or email me. I have different banners made, and will just need to put your name on which ever one you choose. So when you email me, please include QotD Member Banner in the subject line and be sure to include what name you would like present on the banner.



:: Members ::


[x] Midian 

- No info at this time


[x] Dreholl

- Check out  Dreholl out on his Deviantart page @ http://dreholl.deviantart.com/


[x] Drteeth23

- Find out more about drteeth23 at his Deviantart page @ http://drteeth23.deviantart.com/


[x] Fisk 

- More of Fisk's work can be found on his Deviantart page @ http://fisk.deviantart.com/