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QotD Movie Poster Wallpaper |  Black and purple image with lyrics to "Slept So Long" which appears on the soundtrack. 

QotD Akasha Wallpaper |  Done in Black/Gold & earthy colours with lyrics to "Redeemer" which appears on the soundtrack & QotD logo.

QotD Akasha Wallpaper 2 |  A picture of Akasha bearing her fangs, among  he famous Egyptian art , Horus. :: Very similar to the design of the background to this site

QotD Akasha Wallpaper 3 |  A very simple wallpaper done in white, gray and a hint of colour. It is the lightest and simplest wallpaper on the site, and probably will continue to stay that way.



Its What I Want  |  Jesse & Lestat:  This wallpaper features the scene where Akasha has ordered Lestat to kill Jesse. It has a quote, which was directly spoken by Jesse in this point in the movie, "Its what I want."

QotD Lestat Wallpaper |  Done in purple and blue colours on a black background, with the lyrics to "System" which appears on the soundtrack. It features Lestat as front man to his band Satan's Night Out, with the 'Vampire Lestat' & QotD logos.


Akasha On Her Throne | Akasha sitting on her throne in the in the shrine of Thoes Who Must be Kept, which was found in Marius Lair