:: Member's Wallpapers ::

[x] If your wallpaper is not here and you have submitted it, please email me and let me know. I will usually have the wallpapers up a week or so after they have been submitted, but sometimes things slip my mind. [x]



Above: A collage of QotD pics including Akasha and Lestat in the bath of rose petals, the movie poster pic, and more...

Wallpaper by: drteeth23

Above: A beautiful wallpaper featuring Akasha in front of a large orange sunburst.

Wallpaper by: Midian



Above: Another Akasha wallpaper, showing her power with fire.

Wallpaper by: Midian

Above: This is a fabulous wallpaper with many hidden images, look for Lestat's and Akasha's eyes, and the death of Akasha....

Wallpaper by: Fisk